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and this existance we share here amongst the trees and the ocean and the moss and the animals is so divine, so graceful, yet so restless. we are forever itching to run naked through the fields, to dance to the rhythm of nature's heartbeat and to sprout antlers among our untidy, knotted hair. they have their televisions and their politics. we have our branches and leaves. this is _______________.

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il y a un renard qui accompagne le oiseau

rustled feathers

restless lips
fluttering wings
your fingertips

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oh gosh well jonsi was really the only drunk one, and he is pretty ridiculous, he’s a very fun drunk for sure. he’s loud and boisterous and generally does not give a shit about what people think of him at the time hahaheh
goggi wasn’t really around, he disappeared after a while I didn’t see
much of him

And Orri spent pretty much the whole night just talking to the same guy and he sipped on beer the whole time. Wasn’t super expressive idk

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Anonymous whispered: Y D F X.

Y - Do looks mean anything to you? Don’t lie, could you fall in love with someone you thought was ugly?

looks are definitely important to me, but I have a bizarre sense of beauty. so while I do fawn over really beautiful guys, I’ve also fawned over guys that weren’t “typically” pretty.
it sounds shallow, but I’ll hook up with a guy if he’s hot and he’s into me, even if his personality is shitty. I wouldn’t be willing to peruse a relationship with him, but I’ll hook up, yeah.

if I’m in love with someone it’s usually for multiple reasons, but one of them is most likely their looks.

D - Would you rather know everything the universe has to offer but in exchange lose all emotions or remain the way you are now?
if I knew all the answers id get hella bored, fast. Life is all about asking questions - that’s part of the point of life. Always ask questions and never stop learning. And emotion is one of the most important parts of being human, and can bring so much joy and reasons to live. So I’d rather just stay the same, to be honest.

F - If you could take on the exact body and form of anyone else on Earth, who would it be?
Alex somers so I could be a cute little pumpkin

X - You can eliminate one of your five senses to substantially strengthen the others, which one and would you do it?
The sense of touch.

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